About us

Global SLI has been a pioneer and leader in several business areas. Led by Mr. Guillermo Liberman, has its headquarters in Panama and presence in Argentina, Brazil, Kenya, the United States and Uruguay.


Global SLI has grown in line with the business career of its founder, Samuel Liberman, which began in the late 1960s. Since then the enterprise has flourished on the basis of sustained effort and vision.


Marked by over fifty years’ experience under the leadership of its founder, Samuel Liberman, Global SLI today is characterized by a strong, consolidated business culture that is carried over into all the activities in which it participates.

In Global SLI we encourage our employees to work together and develop innovative ideas.

We encourage talent and help it become stronger. We use tried and tested work methods and are constantly reinventing them in search of operational excellence.

Our aim is to be state-of-the-art in all our business activities.


Global SLI believes that innovation, as a driving force behind change and development, can make a significant contribution to companies and society:

"Innovation is our leitmotif. We consider it to be the key to human and economic development.

We bring innovation to the processes and products of those companies in which we have an interest.

We encourage creativity in our employees and are always on the look-out for people, processes and technologies that may help us to innovate."


Global SLI has continued its support for good causes initiated by its founder, Samuel Liberman. It collaborates on a number of different social projects aimed at advancing human and social development.